Xfinity bill pay but the bill is cheaper? Here's how.

Let me start by saying we are an Xfinity bill pay portal. You have not stubbled across a random unrelated page. You have come to the right place. YSplit is the middleman between you and Xfinity. You pay us and we pay Xfinity through their bill pay portal. Simple.

Why not just pay through Xfinity?

There are many issues with having to manage bills in a household that they do not prepare you for when moving in and you are most definitely experiencing these problems.

It is assumed that 1 people has to be in charge of managing the bills but this is not the case anymore. There is a new way. Read on to see the benefits of using YSplit.

The benefits of paying through YSplit

1. We will charge every housemate their share separately for the bill. No more fronting payments for them or ignored Venmo requests.

2. We reward you with 2x points on every bill paid through us. Redeem the points within our app for cheaper future bills. This is unique to YSplit.

3) All your billers are managed and paid from 1 place. You don't have to log into another poorly made biller website ever again.

4) Budget your bills money by adding it to your balance inside YSplit. Now there is no chance you will spend it before it is due.

How to pay your Xfinity bill through YSplit

  1.  Once the app is downloaded, link your Xfinity account to our app.
  2. Invite your housemates to YSplit. This is so that we can charge everyone their share of the bill.
  3. If your housemates don't accept the invites before the bill is paid, they will be sent an invoice to pay their share which they can do once they join the app.

Your bill is now paid, you only had to pay for your share and we took care of the rest. 

Lastly, Xfinity is not the only biller we support. If you are paying for gas, water, and electricity we have you covered with over 10,000 billers to choose from. Thanks for reading and take YSplit for a spin.

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