How to share your Spotify account but pay only your share.

The Past

When I was in college, on top of the obvious shared expenses I had with my housemates, we also thought it would be ideal to share Netflix. It was a no brainer really, we shared the same living room TV. Sharing Netflix meant it wasn't a stretch to try and start sharing Spotify either.

It was however, a sad job for whoever was unlucky enough to set up the account in the first place with their personal credit card. Me in this case...

When it was time to remind my housemates to pay up, I realised I was asking for $2.50 from 5 different people every month? It was so little and such an annoying number to simply Venmo request or bother to chase up on. 

To be honest I think I gave up asking after month 2. It was draining for me to nag and nag. I quickly realised however that at college, every dollar counts!

The Present

I now share my Spotify Netflix accounts with my housemates among other subscriptions and house bills with 1 major difference, no one has to front the bill or chase anyone up ever again. We are all in charge of our own share.

We built YSplit to enable this so you guys can share these accounts fairly.

Here is how to get started:

1) Download YSplit from the AppStore or PlayStore.

2) Sign up and link your Spotify and Netflix or any other bill accounts you are currently sharing.

3) Invite housemates via link or phone number to your YSplit house 🏡.

Now every month, your bill will be paid and everyone will be charged for their share of the bill. No more chasing housemates for ridiculous amounts of money and most importantly no more nagging. Download YSplit below and happy splitting.

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