Connect your
Utilities. WiFi. Rent. Netflix.

Connect your
Utilities. WiFi. Rent. Netflix.

Get billed separately.

Never get owed by your roommates again.

* YSplit is completely FREE to use. We make money by charging utility providers.

Connect your providers in seconds

Connect your providers in seconds

YSplit integrates with thousands of providers. Simply enter your login details to start splitting a bill with your roommates.

I use YSplit to pay for house subscriptions with my fiancé. No more figuring out who owes who what at the end of the month. YSplit is magic for our finances.

Ashutosh Priyadarshy

Realtime notifications. Stay Aware.

Real time notifications. Stay Aware.

Receive instant notifications when your share of bills are due. You always have a transparent overview of what gets spent.

I used to calculate bills on a spreadsheet to charge my roommates their portions. With YSplit I never need to worry about being owed money for bills ever again.

Michelle Tan

Stay secure, with advanced protection from YSplit

Stay secure with advanced protection from YSplit

We never sell or share your data.

Bank grade encryption to keep your data secure.

Delete your account at anytime.

When I started using YSplit my girlfriend was hesitant, now she never has to nag me about bills ever again. The magic of being charged separately.

Andrew Nakkache

More than 25,000 providers

YSplit allows you to choose from providers around the country and we add new options every week.

Are my providers supported

YSplit creates an easy and practical way to connect to our common billing services and not have to worry about paying our bills on time or about splitting the bills evenly. YSplit has truly made our lives better.

Troy Francis

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Select your providers

YSplit pays on your behalf when the bill is due

Then we bill each roommate their share automatically

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Moving out soon?

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