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Earn 2x points on any bill.

YSplit is the first app to let you earn points from paying your house bills. Use your points to make your bills cheaper every month. Points are uncapped, never expire and every housemate gets it.

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YSplit integrates with 10,000 billers. Simply enter your login details to begin splitting future payments automatically with your housemates.

Money mindfulness.

We send you instant notifications on all account activity — including payments, upcoming bills and we'll tell you if they are higher this month. So no nasty surprises.

The smartest way to budget.

Set money aside in your YSplit Pot when you get paid so you don't accidentally spend it. When a bill is due, we pay it from the Pot for you.

No fees.

Not even
hidden ones.

We want to make it easier to live with housemates, not harder. So YSplit doesn't have any fees. Here's how we make money... When YSplit pays your bills, a YSplit credit card is used, which means we get points from the transaction. This is what allows us to run the service without charging you.

Have a question? Just ask your concierge.

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YSplit Payment Promise.

Peace of mind.

When you pay your bills with YSplit, it's paid on time or we'll pay any late fees. Guaranteed.

Rent. Effortless. Magical.

Link your rent portal and YSplit will pay your rent then bill everyone separately. Customize the split if your rent is uneven. No need for someone to pay upfront.

Your questions

How does YSplit work?

After you link your biller, YSplit bots login to your account and add a YSplit Credit Card to your biller. Every time the card connected to a linked biller is charged, YSplit is notified then our systems split the total payments and bill every roommate their share.

For billers whose total varies from month to month (e.g Power/Electric), The YSplit bots also regularly check your linked billers to see if the month's payments have been made available. When they do, you will receive a notification and be able to see the amount in the app.

Do I need to tell my housemates before using YSplit?

YSplit still has a lot of value before your roommates decide to join you. If you connect your billers to YSplit you will be: 1) Notified when your bill amounts become available and get warnings if your bill price has increased so you don’t overpay. 2) Given a complete picture of all your house bills in one place, when you’ll be billed and how by much.

How do I connect my bill account to YSplit?

To link a biller to YSplit, you’ll simply need to enter your login details for that biller (e.g username & password). You can choose from a list of over 10,000 billers.

How does YSplit make money?

When YSplit pays your bills, a YSplit credit card is used, which means we get points from the transaction. This is what allows us to run the service without charging you.

Are there any fees hidden fees?

YSplit is free to use and we do not add any additional fees to bills (see how we make money above).

A small handful of Gas and Electric billers charge a small fee (on average $0.40 per roommate) for credit card processing costs. If they do, we will display this information to you in the app.