Rent. Electricity. Gas. Water. Cable.
All in one monthly bill.

YSplit charges you and your roommates your share of the bills separately, once a month.

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How it works

Select your bill providers

Choose from a list of over 6,000 billers

Or tell us the recipient name and bill information

YSplit pays on your behalf

Recipient is paid by Card, ACH transfer or Check

You get a notification

Track payments in app

Once a month, YSplit charges you & your roommates separately

You pay your share of the total

Charged from bank account or credit card

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What our users are saying

I use YSplit to pay for house subscriptions with my fiancé. No more figuring out who owes who what at the end of the month. YSplit is magic for our finances.

Ashutosh Priyadarshy

I used to calculate bills on a spreadsheet to charge my roommates their portions. With YSplit I never need to worry about being owed money for bills ever again.

Michelle Tan

When I started using YSplit my girlfriend was hesitant, now she never has to nag me about bills ever again. The magic of being charged separately.

Andrew Nakkache