The new way for people to pay together.

Ysplit creates virtual cards for you to use with groups. When the card is used, everyone is charged separately.


How it works

Connect your bank once

When you pay with a Ysplit Card, your share of the transaction will be charged to your connected bank account.

Receive a card

Pick from a list of bill providers and Ysplit  will automatically switch payment over to your virtual card in seconds.

Get charged separately

When your virtual card is charged, everyone connected will be charged separately.

Simplify your recurring payments

Simplify your recurring payments

House utilities

Create a card with your roommates and pay only your share of the bills every month.


Save money while sharing subscription costs with your friends.

Switch utilitiesin seconds

Attach utilities
in seconds

Provide the login detail for your bill providers and Ysplit will automatically switch your payment method.

Lock cards to merchants

Lock card to merchants

Take control of your card by locking it to certain merchants. Any attempt to use a locked card with an unrecognised merchant will be rejected.